A selection of many testimonies about organic chlorella


  • Chlorella gave me back some youth and cured my herpes problem

I want to share my experience with Chlorella that I am taking since 3 years already. I am 80 years old; I got back some physical strength that I was progressively losing since several years. I have to say that I started to feel the positive effects of my chlorella’s consumption since the first summer that I started taking it – I could hike and walk for a long time in the mountains I love. I had to stop hiking for a while because my hip made me suffer. I only take Chlorella and this is most likely why arthritis stopped keeping me from hiking.

My intestinal transit is much better and regular thanks to chlorella from echlorial. I also noticed that my herpes which used to show up once or twice a month became only a bad memory – which is very much appreciated.

I am so happy and satisfied I discovered Chlorella that I recommended it to all my friends.

Guy – Venissieux, France


  • Clear improvement of my health when taking Chlorella.

I tried Chlorella for the first time 3 months ago as I was looking for a solution to stop my endless painful symptoms due to fibromyalgia. After one month of treatment only I noticed a clear improvement. My sufferings were almost imperceptible and it did not take me half an hour to get out of my bed every morning anymore!

Another noticeable change which I did not expect at all was the partial decrease of my hyperhidrosis symptoms (which I experience since I am a child), meaning that I had days where I did not sweat at all neither from my hands nor from my feet. A very high temperature can still trigger this problem but only temporarily. Only people who have these symptoms can understand how much my life has improved since then!

When I stopped taking Chlorella after a two months cure, the symptoms came back, alas… This is why I decided to make another cure of Chlorella, longer this time. At the same time I also took two Omega 3 pills per day. I feel much better now.

I highly recommend all the people suffering from fibromyalgia symptoms to try out Chlorella as allopathic medicine did not find a solution to this problem yet.

Sandrine – Propriano, France

  • I can do my groceries again!

After a 3 months cure of Chlorella at very high doses (10 pills, three times a day), I finally can go back to the market and do my grocery shopping! I could not feel my strength for years since I suffer from fibromyalgia.

I am 74 years old and Chlorella gave me back the feeling that this was not the end. I am not going to stop taking Chlorella as it also is free of side effects, which is not the case for a number of medical treatments.

Julienne – Loire, France


A selection of many testimonies about organic chlorella


  • Thank you CHLORELLA, it took me only 10 DAYS to feel better! And no more mucous problems due to Candida Albicans ever since !

Nobody ever told me about this “Chlorella”, but I found out about it thanks to this fabulous tool: the internet.

I was suffering from vaginal mycosis due to the presence of Candida Albicans (its presence is normal, but its proliferation can be a problem). I could not find anything to get rid of it. Classic treatments do treat the problem… temporarily. In my case, it lasted one month only. I tried many things including ovum and oils, but it always came back.

In 2011 I had another crisis and tried a zinc and grapefruit seeds cure – which did not work. I could not take it anymore.

I spent hours on the internet, browsing testimonials pages, which one day brought me here… I have to admit that at first I was septic. I was thinking “one more thing that is not going to work”. Also, I already spent significant amount of money in other treatments so I decided that I would finish these ones and then try Chlorella afterwards… If only I had known!

I ordered and received my box two days later. I took 15 pills the first day, and then I kept taking it for the next couple of days. 10 DAYS!!! It only took 10 DAYS for me to start feeling better! I could not believe it… I did not dare saying it aloud, too scared that it might come back… It did not. No more crisis since I am taking Chlorella on a daily basis.

I am not going to stop taking Chlorella for a while, that’s for sure. Thank you for everything, thank you for selling this product: it changed my life as a woman. I recommend it to every woman who suffers from allergy to candida albicans, and I wish you will feel the positive effects as fast as I felt them.

Alice – Gironde, France


    4- PETS

  • Chlorella is also good for pets!

I guess our story is somewhat different. We started using Chlorella ourselves because of the visible and medical improvement in health of our 12 year old Old English Sheepdog.

Gatsby became ill in February of 2010. To be honest, something that was no surprise to us, considering his age. He became very anaemic with persistent vomiting. After a scan we found that he had “spots” on his spleen. He had cancer. Due to his age we were advised against an operation. Our only option was to use high doses of cortisone medication.

His reaction to the cortisone was unbearable. He became very ill constantly vomiting, in terrible pain and lost most of his hair. After two weeks and against the vet’s recommendation we took him off the medication and my partner and I made the heart-breaking decision to have him euthanized. My Mother, who is a Nutritionist became involved and suggested that we put Gatsby on Chlorella as a trial. She has been using the product as a supplement for years and swears by its properties. With nothing to lose we started Gatsby on 12 tablets per day. By the end of the third week we noticed positive change. More energy, less vomiting and his gums were beginning to “pink up” a sign that the anaemia was no longer.

I was very sceptical that this was due to Chlorella, but a year on and Gatsby is alive and well! The vet confirmed that his spleen is healthy with no cancer spots. He is very active for his age. His hair is thick and full.

So now the whole family takes Chlorella including the cat and our other dog!!

Anonymous – Cannes, France

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