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Organic Chlorella purity matters

Chlorella purity is of paramount importance when you choose a Chlorella’s brand.

As a matter of facts, Chlorella’s efficiency regarding the detoxifying process lies into how pure the Chlorella is. Today, the most secure production process is the Photobioreactor (Chlorella grows into glass tubes - patented process used in Germany) since the micro-alga is in a completely protected environment but still use the sun as a natural vector to grow.

Chlorella is often cultivated in outdoor ponds where its purity is jeopardized by the external environment (air, dust, pollution, insects, birds’ excrement, etc). Consequently the Chlorella produced is less “pure” and its very capacity to absorb heavy metals and other toxics drastically decreases.

The purest the Chlorella is, the more efficient chlorella  is in our organism. This is why Chlorella’s purity is of such importance. All the precious elements found in the Chlorella: Chlorophyll, Vitamin B12, Omega 3, Amino acids… are fragile healthy entities and must be preserved in order for the Chlorella to render efficient results in our organism.

Science and common sense brought us to the conclusion that Chlorella cultivated in this unique plant in Germany is probably the purest Chlorella on the market, and consequently the healthiest chlorella.


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    1- Chlorella purity

  • Why purity matters about chlorella ?

Purity of the Chlorella is the most important thing that you have to look when choosing your Chlorella. It matters because Chlorella has a limited capacity in its cell to absorb toxics such as heavy metals, dioxins, PCBs. The purest the Chlorella is, the higher this capacity.

  • How can I choose the purest Chlorella ?

Choose carefully your Chlorella’s brand since this alga is produced all over the world (mainly in Asia) and use different process of production. A lot of these productions use outdoor ponds that result in a Chlorella that is less pure.

  • Where can I find the purest Chlorella ?

Today the purest Chlorella on the market is cultivated in Germany in a plant where the process used to produce the Chlorella is patented.

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