Organic Chlorella powder 

A genus of microalgae with unique health benefits

Chlorella or Chlorelle is a highly effective complementary nutrient

Detoxifying and Stimulating

Thanks to its fibers Chlorella has the capacity to absorb from the living cell PCBs, heavy metals like mercury, and metalloids like arsenic. Since our organism doesn’t digest these fibers, this vital function helps the body evacuate such toxics by natural means.  Strengthen with essentials nutrients, our cleaned up organism can reach its full capacities and resist to the threats of the outside world.

There is no such a thing as a miraculous complementary nutrient, but if there should be one, that would be the Chlorella!

The Chlorella, still called Chlorelle, is considered a nutrient of paramount importance in Japan. This is one of the most famous and most used complementary nutrients in Japan since more than thirty years. The Japanese consumers are estimated to be 10 million.


Chlorella powder in your cuisine !

    1- How using Chlorella powder ?

  • introduce chlorella powder  in your food

in bread, cakes, vegetables, yogourt, jelly ...

  • Organic chlorella powder in dish fish

Today there is no fish without mercury 

Put a tea spoon in you dish atfter cooking and take advantage of the nice green color and cleaning properties of the algea.

    2- Use of organic chlorella powder recommandation: 

for the first use start with a small amount of organic-chlorella-powder, 1 out of 3 tea spoon is enough, then increase day after day untill one complete tea spoon per day

Where to buy extra pure chlorella: unique in world !